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    Providing emerging & established musicians, and related projects with a positive and results driven portal to the public and the media world.

    Encapsulating varied musical tastes, an extensive list of contacts, a keen sense of business, sunny disposition and drive to succeed, Joelle can entice key people to want your story, and portray it the way you desire your audience to hear it. You need a buzz generated? Try her.

    Bill Bourne ~

    Bill Bourne has soul. In everything the multiple award winner has accomplished over a 30+ year career, the common vein has always been his undeniable passion and dedication to his craft and his message. From world beat to blues, Cajun, to funk, flamenco to folk, Bill has crossed all boundaries, joining people in celebration and music with a message of togetherness and peace.

    A rocker at heart, Bill holds the ideals of the 60?s revolutionary music makers, the protesting punk rockers, the old country crooners, and the aboriginal music of nearly any culture, blending aspects of every sensibility into his own unique sound. From the release of his first album by Radio Canada International in 1982, Bill Bourne has toured the world either solo, or with such acts as Scotland?s Tannahill Weavers, Bourne & MacLeod, Tri-Continental, Eivor Palsdottir, Lester Quitzau, Madagascar Slim and Bop Ensemble.

    His music has charted across Europe and North America, and he took home a Danish Folk Music Award in 2006 with Eivor Palsdottir (producing and playing on the album), in addition to winning Juno Awards for the 1990 Bourne & MacLeod recording Dance and Celebrate, the 1993 compilation Saturday Night Blues and 2000?s Tri-Continental self titled recording. Bill continues to record, play and collaborate with an ever present passion, fervor and sense of peace, making him a respected and significant contributor to the Canadian music landscape.